What To Look For When Hiring A Small Truck For A Garden Project

What To Look For When Hiring A Small Truck For A Garden Project

Finding the right hire vehicle for a gardening project can be daunting at times. Although most truck rental companies may have plenty of options, some of these companies do not maintain/service their vehicles well. Hiring from them only increases the risk of the truck breaking down, or even worse, damaging whatever valuables you are transporting. Whether you need to carry seedlings, topsoil, or gardening tools to your garden, it’s advisable to pick just the right truck for the job, and one capable of the same. Outlined below are some of the important things to consider when looking for a small truck for hire.

1. Size of the Truck

Small rental trucks come in various forms, sizes, and sizes. As mentioned earlier, you should only hire a sizeable truck with enough room for whatever you will be transporting. You may want to choose from an enclosed cabin or an open one depending on the type of cargo in question. If transporting seedlings, fertilizer, etc. you may then have to go for a well-ventilated truck to help protect the seedlings from draught. The size of the cargo area should help you determine the right truck for the job.

2. Engine Capacity

Some gardening appliances and equipment can be extremely heavy even in the smallest portions. Fertilizer, seedlings, and topsoil are some of the gardening items that could be too heavy for a small capacity Ute. Although small, you need a truck capable of handling such weights comfortably without straining. Consider going for a four-wheel drive if some off-roading will be required when fetching or off-loading the materials. A reasonably powered pick-up truck should be able to handle most tasks as needed in the garden.

3. Insurance

You don’t want to hire a truck with inadequate insurance on it. Be sure to check the insurance status of the vehicle, and how much cover is available for each individual truck. Only go for a trucking company providing comprehensive cover for their vehicles. This should include the items being transported, the driver, and his/her passenger.

4. Sides and Tail Gate Access

Most gardening equipment and items can be heavy, with some needing to be handled with care. Some of the best trucks have a tailgate that extends flat and low enough to slide your items comfortably without any risk. A truck with sides that do open can also come in handy particularly if transporting equipment and other heavy stuff.

5. Rental Rates and Driving Options

How much the rental company will need in compensation for lending their truck is another factor to consider as well. Be sure to collect quotes from several different providers to have an idea of how much you should spend on the same. Although you may be enticed into going for a cheap rental, you need to be wise enough to go for a truck capable of handling the task at hand, and in the best condition possible. If the truck meets all the shortlisted requirements, you can then negotiate prices with the rental company.

Other factors to consider before signing the contract document include the company’s reputation, licensure, and portfolio. Be sure to read the fine print before putting a signature on it.…

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5 Ways to Use an Aluminium Screen in Your Back Yard

5 Ways to Use an Aluminium Screen in Your Back Yard

Do you have an old aluminum screen that you need to get rid of? If you do, you shouldn’t just throw it away. There are still plenty of uses for that old screen. Here are 5 ways to use screen scraps in your yard.

1. Use It To Protect New Grass

Are you planning on seeding new grass in your yard? If you are, you’ll have to make sure that birds don’t eat the seed before it has a chance to grow. If you lay down your aluminum screen over your seed, you’ll be able to provide the seeds with protection without blocking them off from the sun.

It takes time for new grass to grow. Make sure that your seeds don’t become bird food. If you protect your grass, you’ll eventually have plenty of greenery in your yard.

2. Use It When You’re Working On Your Yard

Are you planning on doing some yard work in the future? If you are, you may want to hold on to your old screen scraps. A screen can make a great sieve. When you have a screen, you don’t have to purchase new tools. You can simply make tools with the materials that you have. Whether you’re building a patio or improving your landscaping, you’ll be able to find a lot of uses for a sieve.

3. Use The Screen As A Drying Platform For Your Herbs

Do you grow herbs in your garden? If you are growing herbs, you may need a way to dry some of those herbs out. A screen can really come in handy for jobs like this. Lay the screen out on a table or a patio, then lay the herbs over them. They’ll be able to dry out, but they won’t stick to the ground. You’ll be able to dry fresh sprigs any time that you want to.

4. Use The Screen To Build A Small Fence

Are there a lot of rodents that are getting into your garden? If you have problems with garden pests, you’re going to have to find ways to keep these pests out of your garden. If you cut your old screen, you’ll be able to turn it into a small fence.

5. Use It To Line Flowerpots

Need a liner for a flowerpot? Why not use aluminum? It makes the perfect liner for a flowerpot. Cut it to the right size, and you’ll be ready to go. It will prevent dirt from washing out through your drain hole.

Aluminum is sturdy enough to keep out all kinds of pests. Rabbits, chipmunks, and other garden pests won’t be able to chew through your screen. It’ll be more than enough to keep them out.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to use an aluminum screen in your backyard. If you’re about to get rid of your screen, you shouldn’t toss it in your trash can. You should try to find another use for it instead. You’ll be amazed when you see just how many uses an old aluminum screen can actually have.…

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