A modern garden is different from that of a traditional garden. Many interesting features can be added to a modern garden. Here are some tips to modernize your garden.

Use multiple flooring types

You should combine your flooring, creating sleek lines. Light and natural material will look good. You can have light woods with a straight gravel path in the middle. You can make the gravel path wider and have Asian plants down the middle.

Have double color fencing

You can use different color stains to form a two-tone pattern on your garden wall. Horizontal lines work better in this case. You should try horizontal fence. You should then use two different tones of stains to create a striped effect. It will give your fence interest and depth.

Use glass in the sitting area

You can create an intimate seating space by using glass to form an enclosed area. You can include light and modern furniture and plants in this space. You can spend special time with your loved ones here.

Don’t have plants of too many colors

You shouldn’t make your garden fussy by having plants with too many different colors. You should stick to greens and whites for a striking look. These colors will go well with your natural theme.

Include water feature

Water features add sophistication to the garden. You should have stones around. Make sure your water feature has a professional finish. It should go well with the rest of the surroundings.

These tips will make your garden look modern and alive. You can have a relaxing time in the beauty of nature. Modern gardens are simple. So, you shouldn’t include anything that looks too crowded.

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