Hiring a landscaper can help transform your dull yard into an appealing and relaxing weekend gateway. From playing touch football with your children to enjoying a frosty drink with your friends, some of the best memories can be created outdoors. In order to turn your dream backyard into reality, you will have to partner with a professional landscaper who comprehends your vision.

Picking the right landscaper can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if this is your first time. With dozens of landscaping contractors competing for your business, it can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Not to worry though, because, in this read, we are going to mention a few key tips that will help you pick the right specialist.

Outline Your Goals

Updating the patio hardscapes, increasing curb appeal and diversifying plants are some of the many reasons you may want to hire a landscaping professional. Before you contact any of them, it’s usually a good idea to write down exactly what you wish to accomplish with your outdoor space. Do you just want more space or do you want a major overhaul of the whole yard? Come up with a wish list of the ideas you would like to discuss with the expert. It can also be helpful to collect clippings of pictures from landscaping magazines and even from the internet.

Also, be flexible with your expectations. Each home is unique, presenting the landscaper with design requirements and even challenges to overcome. From competing vegetation to soil composition, there are several things that may alter the final design. To be ready for this, it’s usually best to outline all your needs and wants. This will help figure out what you can manage to compromise and what’s non-negotiable.

Do Your Homework

You sat down and dreamt of the perfect yard. But after outlining your goals comes the hard part: matching your vision with a landscaper who can execute it flawlessly. Most people start with a simple search online which barely narrows down the options. Instead of calling all landscaping companies in your area, focus on the primary details of your project. Then research the companies that specialise in the services that match your needs.

A landscaper knows the importance of making a first impression. Check their websites, reviews, testimonials, their social media pages and their portfolio. Do they put time and effort to their online presence? Or do their online galleries contain images from years ago? If the potential landscaping company has a professionally designed website that effectively showcases their past work, they are likely to bring the same attention and passion into your project.


Landscapers should be prepared to give you names of their previous clients. If possible, contact these people and check the final product yourself. Speak directly with the clients and ask about their overall experience and impression. Did any problems come up during the project? If so, how did the landscaper handle them? Did they stay within the budget? The answers to these questions will give you an accurate impression of the landscaper you are planning to work with.

Ethical landscaping companies will also stand by their work, offering warranties on all the services they provide. Do not forget to ask about guarantees and always read the whole contract before signing.

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